Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Printing Workshops this Weekend in Siem Reap

Silk - Printing Workshop ~ Saturday, May 20 10am - 2pm


Photo-Printing Workshop ~ Cyanotypes ~ Sunday, May 21 10am - 2pm

Silk Printing 02, originally uploaded by elizabethbriel.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pair of photos

from the past week.

Took the younger kids to an internet cafe for the first time: a long, hot, dusty walk down Wat Bo road.
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It rained most of Thursday morning so the adolescent class was more introverted than we'd have liked it to be. Took them out for breakfast at the Old Market, which got Rom, one of the sleeping booksellers out of his bed: he'd slept in his bookcart with a 9-year-old brother the night before. We woke him up, and I felt bad about it, he looked terribly lost and tired.

He'd finally slept at four AM when all the tourists went home. No wonder he hadn't been able to make our 8 o'clock meeting.

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