Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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The HK Mural Society has a brand new website - and a brand new board member! It's my job to do publicity and related photography, too. I'm very happy to become a more long-term part of this project.

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joel ferraris said...

It's never easy painting murals, especially outdoors. I got pneumonia and darker skin when we painted that more than 250-meter mural in Black Point Power Plant in Long Kuo Tan, Tsuen Mun for the China Light and Power, Hong Kong.

I and my colleague Felix, another Filipino now working as special effects artist for movies in New Zealand, have to spend more than a month going to and from the site and sometimes sleeping there several times. It was winter and cold at night but the daytime sun burned our already dark skin.

Anyhow, I got pneumonia after that project.

As I have said it's never easy to paint murals but determination, focus and the thought that people will benefit from it give artists that feeling of satisfaction. Besides, the good response from people who either give you food, loving and caring notes on a piece of paper, or even several chats and arguments (about the design, theory, colors, etc. he he he) with men and women, old and young, while you are painting outdoors even until midnight where they keep you company is good experience.

I say I am getting older and weaker and new blood and new energy for the Hong Kong Mural Society equals new spectacular murals for the community.

Let's keep up the good work!!!