Monday, June 25, 2007

Photo shoot for ReviewAsia Magazine

....yes, that's me!

Thanks to Victor for this fabulous image; it's "lovelier than life".

The makeup artist also did a great job, and had his work cut out for him: he darkened/smoothed my face that's gone all spotted from Southeast Asian sun in the past few years (though R. was kind enough to say "I'm glad to see your 'real face' is back" once I'd taken off the makeup).

ReviewAsia is a new magazine that's gotten a great start: they're distributed on Philippine Airlines First Class, are sold in several Asian countries, and will soon be available in Taiwan.

You can see the Bentley logo, in soft focus, on the steering wheel (right-hand drive, of course, as we're in Hong Kong). Never did I imagine I'd get anywhere near a Bentley, let alone get to sit in one!


Unknown said...

Wow -- you look beautiful!!

tinyhands said...

That almost looks like it was rendered, but you look great( as the other Flickr comments can attest.) All of Victor's photos are exceptional.

Unknown said...

As soon as he showed it to us "in-camera" we knew it'd be a great shot. My skin was paler in the original, and my eyes had a pink tinge (thanks to getting up at 5am!), but the main difference is the super-sharpening that's in vogue.

The makeup guy transformed my face - after he'd finished, it looked like he'd given me a beautiful, straight nose!