Friday, August 17, 2007

made to measure

made to measure, originally uploaded by e.briel.

Too many women let worries about dress size control their lives. I drew this after thinly-veiled criticism of my recent eating habits from a friend.

It reminded me of another friend - even more neurotic about what she put into her mouth and how she burned it off - who competed with everyone around her. She was constantly comparing her fitness and every physical attribute with other women.

When I've let their words get to me, I realize that the criticism they dole out is nothing compared to what they impose on themselves. It's sad that they turn the simple sensual pleasures of eating into a guilt-filled battle for control over themselves and others.

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April's Flurry said...

Great true those words ring. Mum told me you got the flat! How are you finding it? Watch out for Shirley who used to live outside the living room air con - a rather large spider. Beautiful nonetheless.