Thursday, August 16, 2007

Street Scenes

One can forget how weird and wonderful a place Lamma can be.

As I worked in the studio this afternoon, I heard horns from the street below.

Then drums ~

Then bells.

Why were they were trudging in the rain from the Tin Hau temple towards the beach(?) That's for them to know and me to find out.

PS: Just read "How to be Creative". Written three years ago, but timeless.


Joana said...

'How To Be Creative? - Absolutely superb! Will read it in more detail at home...was in need of a bump start!:)

Oliver said...

Thanks for sharing the moment and for not following them down to the beach to write a Wikipedia article all about it.

Enjoyed the link too.

elizabethbriel said...

I think it was a Taoist thing.

That was Roy's theory, anyway. He happened to be in the street and was caught in the thick of things.