Monday, December 31, 2007

HK Trams

from a current project.

The diversity of effects possible with a single negative keeps me interested, though they'd drive a designer crazy. All these images were printed with an A4-size color negative, inverted in photoshop.

hairy tram
Tram printed onto velvet

tottering tram
Printed on a scrap of Belgian linen
Some distortion due to the pliable fabric

organza tram
Tram on silk organza
The fabric shrank dramatically after being printed, so I was able to scan the entire image.

spooky tram somerset
Print on Somerset
More like my usual printing technique, on pure white cotton paper.

spooky tram
Tram on Arches cream
An experimental print onto off-white paper; I enjoy the richness, but for a series it's not ideal, as highlights are lost.

Happy new year to everyone, near & far.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cyanotypes from carved glass

River delta cyanotype, Andrew Brott

This New Orleans-based artist makes cyanotypes out of his sculpted glass panels. See more of his tremendous work and methods at his website.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cyan Silhouettes

Life-size silhouettes printed onto cloth by students at a Jonathan Bailey workshop. The lightish lines running through the figures come from wrinkles in the fabric during exposure.

Friday, December 07, 2007

December Open Studio

December's moving in, Christmas is coming fast, and it's time again for the Second Sunday party at The Cyan Studio. This month we're pleased to feature affordable art prints & photos from a diverse selection of artists from Lamma's creative community - just in time to send home a personalized gift from HK in your Christmas packages.

Stop by this Sunday afternoon from 2-6pm for spicy mulled wine and savory art. Meet the artists in the informal setting of this community gallery, and browse through their art that offers new views of Hong Kong and beyond. 10% of purchases will go to help a Cambodian friend who lives near Angkor Wat get closer to his dream of going to university. Navuth Ou is a fantastically friendly driver in Siem Reap, and is always happy to show visitors his favorite spots in town. Just email me for his contact information.

Artists include Roz Keep, Paul Lau, Grahame Collins, and more.

Photos to come soon....