Monday, February 04, 2008

Making a Red/Violet Cyan Mural

Placing objects on the fabric

...and the finished piece, hanging to dry in the sun (though not generally advisable to dry in direct sunlight)

On the red fabric, the cyan chemical turns a rich violet. I've found the red should be a bright shade; anything darker than the red shown won't give enough contrast.

These photos come from the versatile photographer Jonathan Bailey's website. He offers workshops in many photographic media.


John said...

Loved the photos, and the color too!

Oliver said...

I always enjoy seeing what a magician has up his/her sleeve.

elizabethbriel said...

Yeah the violet-on-red combination is my favorite cyan color scheme. It's hard to find just the right shade of red - has to be really bright to keep the contrast.

David....I'm all about de-mystifying the processes behind "art".