Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old Cyanotypes

Found this guy on ebay France

From Spencer family archives. The highlights are an overexposed blue. It's possible the paper was exposed to light before the negative was placed on it - not uncommon with pre-coated papers.

Found this pair of old portraits - I'd love to pick up some old cyan portraits like these someday. I always wonder what their stories are. Who were they? Where were they from? What was going on in their minds as they posed for the many long minutes these photos required?


Marcus Schuetz said...

Interesting. What is a Cyanotype actually? Is it a light sensitive printing, like we learned it in the Photo lab?

Reminds me of fixing photo negatives on tree leaves and waiting for photosynthesis letting produce C6H12O6 on the leave following the illumination. Then you can make the sugar visible with jodite and get a print on the plant. I did this when I was a boy. It's fun.

elizabethbriel said...

Hi Marcus

You've got the idea. Here's a silk-printing demo:


You've also given me a new idea for my next post!~

Elizabeth said...


whoops -there's the right link to the printing process!