Saturday, April 26, 2008

Open Studio tomorrow, April 27th

Stop by and Visit the last show at The Cyan Studio's Lamma location! The exhibition will take place in the studio and on the stairwells and rooftop of a village house near the sea.

We'll feature Hong Kong's urban architecture reflected in diverse ways, through the work of three Lamma Island-based photographers: Elizabeth Briel, Barnaby Bruce, and Darren Hayward, from 2-6pm on this Sunday, April 27th. From slick Central highrises and the ruins of Kowloon's Wedding Card Street to voyeuristic balcony scenes printed on silk, the show will feature a new take on the "everyday scenes" familiar to many Hong Kong residents. See them before they go the way of Queen's Pier!

Map and directions available at the studio's website:

[Attached Photo by Darren Hayward]

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