Monday, April 21, 2008

Photos on Leaves

by Binh Danh

He uses a similar process to a cyanotype, in that it's a "contact negative" process: the negative is the same size as the resulting photo.

He later preserves these unique photos in resin, after photosynthesis has done its work.

The first time I saw his work I was reminded of many reportage exhibitions I'd seen in Cambodia. Some of his images are from the Khmer Rouge period and its aftermath.


Overboard said...

Cor. They're brill.

Marcus Schuetz said...

Ha, that's what I meant! Never thought that this process is really used. Mine were far away from being so impressive. Really thrilling.

jacl said...

I would never have even thought about having photographs on leaves! Wish I could see them in person.

elizabethbriel said...

jacl, you can make them yourself if you have some patience and spare plants. Feel free to email me for suggestions.

Ms. Overboard, I'm happy to see you're still around in Japan and everywhere else.

Marcus, glad to hear you and I were on the same page, on the same island!