Friday, November 07, 2008

Yes We Did

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During a brief flirtation with living in NY, I'd walk over the Williamsburg bridge and was often riveted by stickers & stencils of a somber-looking face. It was Andre the Obey Giant, but to me it was my green man, a presence that humanized this city where I felt so small.

ArtInfo gives us a glimpse of Shepard Fairey, the man behind the iconic red, white & blue Obama images. "Why would Barack Obama invite a graffiti artist with a long rap sheet to launch a guerrilla marketing campaign on his behalf?"

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Oliver said...

This post inspired me to research an engimatic billboard I saw in Dublin about eight or nine years ago. Therewas this close-up of a booze addled man's bleary eyes and leathery face ravaged by years of alcohol abuse along with the word "Forgive"; beneath that there was the sponsor's brand name "Guinness"
I thought how odd, Guinness admitting their spirits may have wrecked homes, caused a wife or two to be on the receiving end of a good beating, to instill fear and low self esteem in the lives of his wee ones, but in the end could you pleae find it in your catholic hearts to forgive the old sot.
I read your post then remembeed the ad, then thought to find out in the end what the hell the poster meant.

Turns out it was promoting the Good Friday peace accords. oh. right. That makes sense.

Oliver said...

Here's the url snipped

elizabeth said...

Thx for that, David. It was an interesting read, too.