Saturday, January 10, 2009

Travel Artist: Fritz Lang

Many years before Fritz Lang made the iconic film Metropolis, from 1911-13 "he travelled the world, visiting North Africa, Turkey, Asia Minor, and Bali. At the time he worked as a travel artist, painting postcards, travel scenes, and advertisements," according to this site.

These travels gave Lang first-hand experiences of life on the other side of the world. He would have tasted spices & exotic intoxicants of all sorts - including women, of course - and this influenced his later work. These new forms of urban architecture gave him a new perspective on western European cities.

Keep an eye out for the nearly full-length version coming out later this year.


Mimi's Pa said...

Google the Dubai Skyline along Sheikh Zayed Road--you'll find Metropolis.

No more Travel Itch? Are you telling us the itch has been scratched?

Mimi's Pa said...
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Ebriel said...

Hah - it's there as much as ever! Just wait, there'll be some extended travel coming up later this year.