Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Words & Pictures

The art market is directly linked to the rest of our markets worldwide.

Charcoal drawing from installation by Dan Perjovschi via "We Make $ not Art. Hugh


Anonymous said...

Yes and no; there is always an 'Art' market. It's just in tough times the prices don't inflate as rapidly.

So you know about Hugh. His "how to be creative" posts are brilliant. He's such a 'rude boy' though.

Are you settled on a city yet or still touring the country?

Ebriel said...

We're based in western Sydney (Parramatta) and will travel together in Australia when R. has time, mostly weekends & holidays. I'll make solo trips by train/bus on my own eventually.

More travels coming up for me soon in Asia, once I finish up research and loose ends from last year.

Re. Hugh - I think you originally found me via a comment I'd left on his site, I do like his perspective.

The art market for some emerging artists was inflated, as were the stats for some of the loans that brought on this crisis; definitely I see some parallels. The crash in the financial market is making things tight for everyone, particularly the bankers that have become important investors in the art world, and collectors dependent on their investments for income.